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Alan Tuskes MUFX

Special Makeup Effects - Creature Suits - Puppets - Props

Alan Tuskes MUFX is a full service special makeup effects studio. We range from creating prosthetic makeups, body creation and duplication, suit fabrication, and custom prop fabrication.
Alan's goal is to create the most believable creations that can be imagined.  Working on a wide range of projects on both small and large budget shows, we maintain creative ways to accomplish effects within your budget and time parameters to bring your visions to life.

About Alan Tuskes

Alan has been involved in the business of creating cinematic illusions for over 30 years.

His early years were spent working in many of the top L.A. makeup effects shops, including Rick Baker's Cinovation, Stan Winston Studio, Steve Johnson's XFX, and KNB FX Group. Working in many capacities in a variety of departments prepared him for the next phase of his career.

After 15 years in L.A., Alan relocated back to the NE Ohio area to raise his family. He quickly re-connected with Robert Kurtzman at Bob's studio, Robert Kurtzman's Creature Corps. Alan quickly proved his worth, eventually becoming makeup effects supervisor and coordinator on most of the projects.

Eventually, Alan decided that it was time to open his own studio, and the Alan Tuskes MUFX studio was created.

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